Air Cargo is very urgent to provide both cost and fastest transition team ISTANBUL HELICOPTER air cargo transportation method and the amount is a regular information flow in the foreground. Your destination can provide all cargo services to the shipping service you want to know the most recent compatible. Mainly in Istanbul, Turkey border delivery as soon as possible to all.

You work your business disruptions due to transplant a small piece. Breakage, spillage, Decrement, your load or your important documents, let us point you want the fastest way without the risk of loss.

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'' VIP helicopters design without depending on the flight schedule to the point that they want to keep up with you and your esteemed guests, we convey confidence.Exclusive trips to Istanbul Helicopter Taxi is a call from you ... 'Our stakeholders do not want to allow the taking of big city traffic delays in the works, next to timely '' partner '' We are proud to be

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